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The FANBASE engineering department, following FIFA/UEFA recommendations for top level stadiums, has developed an ergonomic seat that is resistant to the passage of time and to vandalism resulting from use.


FANBASE features generous seating proportions and modern styling to offer an unparalleled level of stadium seating comfort.

Our design team has created an ergonomic seat that moves with the spectators through all the emotions of the big game.


The first impression is important and for this reason FANBASE has taken great care in the design of its products, thinking about the pride that transmits to the fan to have good quality facilities, but above all with a design that represents its colors.

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Our seats have

– Certificates of light fastness, anti-UV additive, according to standard 13200/4.
– Certificate of resistance to severe public use (vandalism) by Aidima, complies with the UNE EN 12727:01 standard.
– Fire resistance certificate, minimum according to Standard M4, optional Standard M2.


How to
we do

Listen, listen and listen.

We put ourselves in the shoes of the installation manager, we
We wear the team’s jersey, we cheer with the fans.

This in-depth analysis of the installation allows us to design
spaces that represent the values of each project.


Based on the needs of the project, we created a seating distribution based on the optimization of the spaces for each fan.

We are concerned about accessibility, so in our designs we take into account areas for disabled people.


Our experts will advise you on the choice of the most suitable seat for your installation, as well as on how to replace your old seats with new ones.


We accompany our production volume with an agile and precise organization based on the following management tools:

A rigorous methodology for quality assurance that is reviewed and adapted to each client.
- Coding for tracking and traceability of each production batch.
- Real-time computerized workflow management.

All our customized products and we customize to your needs

FANBASE proposes a new practical way to enjoy your events. All you have to do is choose the color, the rest is up to us.

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